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    Ignited Edu Future - Most Trusted Study in UK Consultants in Chennai!

    Are you looking for the best UK Study Consultant in Chennai? Ignited Edu Future, an Uk education consultant in Chennai, offers a wide range of services from the course and university selection to professional education counseling for students who want to study abroad. We also assist students applying for internationally recognized education programs and universities. Our mentors at Ignited Edu Future can help individual students find the right course and university to suit their profile and interests. We will make sure you find the right course and university and support you to study in the UK.

    Ignited Edu Future -An UK educational consultant in Chennai!

    We, Ignited Edu Future, are one of the leading education consultants for the UK in Chennai backed by experienced mentors and associated with reputed academic institutions. We help individuals in seeking admissions from the most popular academic institutions in the UK. Moreover, Ignited Edu Future mentors and advisors help students in finding the right course and university that best suits their profile and interests. We also ensure that you find the right course and university and support you in your studies in the UK. We also support our students through all processes, from admissions to the course and university selection.

    The best UK Study Consultants in Chennai!

    Ignited Edu Future is one of the best UK Study Consultants in Chennai, the counselors, and mentors of Ignited Edu Future have immense knowledge about the best colleges and universities around the world and they are also aware of the scholarship funding schemes in the UK and our beloved students are guided by our mentors and they have the 90% of the people have benefited from the full scholarship funding scheme and 10% of the students have availed the full scholarship support. Ignited Edu Future UK education consultant provides in-depth counseling services to the students and we help the individuals in building the perfect resume to best present themselves to the universities.

    Why should one prefer the UK for their higher education?

    • No IELTS/TOEFL is required

    • Top companies prefer UK graduates

    • High-quality education

    • Dependent can travel with the student

    • Study in top-ranking universities in the UK

    • Study in heart of London

    • 2 years stay back after study

    • Placement assured & individuals can join internship placement programs

    Why should you choose the UK for higher education?

    The UK has been the preferred choice for some of the most important minds in history. One in four world leaders has studied in the UK, so if you’re dreaming of achieving big things, you can be sure you’re in the right place in the UK.

    • Growing Destination

    • Worldwide Recognition

    • Education Costs are Lower

    • Gateway to Europe

    • Multicultural Nation

    • World renowned universities

    • Financial benefits

    • Post Study Rights

    • Unique culture

    • Brilliant Part Time work opportunities

    Degrees from UK higher education providers are respected around the world, and the choice of subjects you can study is extensive. A degree from any British university will look great on a CV, and when looking for work in the future, no matter the industry and the location, having a qualification from the UK will be a great selling point.

    Benefits of Choosing UK as your Study Destination

    Firstly, a degree in the UK takes less time to complete than in other countries. In many countries it takes four years, plus two or three extra years to complete a postgraduate degree. In the UK it takes three years for an undergraduate degree and then one extra to complete a postgraduate qualification (unless you are a medical or research student).

    International students can also get financial help when studying in the UK, in the form of scholarships, grants and bursaries. Furthermore, living costs in the UK, especially when outside of cities like London, are reasonable.

    The UK is known for its reputation in the education sector and is considered a pioneer in providing quality education, which is why students aspire to pursue their education abroad in the UK. The UK is known worldwide as the country that offers unique and quality education to students from all over the world. We have listed the reasons why one should choose the United Kingdom to pursue higher education. It is also the second most preferred educational destination chosen by students.

    • The UK offers a unique education system that provides high-quality education to every individual.

    • Top UK colleges and universities offer more than 4000 courses to students worldwide.

    • UK offers a flexible education system.

    • Almost every university in the UK offers scholarships for students.

    • Advanced research opportunities for students pursuing doctoral studies.

    • Part time job opportunities for students.

    • Job opportunities after graduation for students.

    • Advanced VISA, opportunities to stay behind are available.

    • Offers numerous opportunities for graduate assistantships and research assistantships.

    • Students will be engaged in a lot of educational activities like seminars, conferences, workshops & tutorials.

    • Students are exposed to the interactive classroom and involved in group discussions,quizzes & debates.

    It is always important to get to know your surroundings and blend in it so well that you actually start enjoying learning there. The UK has all the elements.

    Post Study Stay back - 2 years

    On 11 September 2019 the UK Government announced the creation of a new immigration route which will enable international students to remain in the UK for two years after they have completed their studies.

    Graduation Immigration Route(GIR)

    The Graduate Immigration Route will be available to international students who have completed a degree at undergraduate level or above at a Higher Education Provider with a track record of compliance and who have a valid Tier 4 visa at the time of application. Successful applicants on this route will be able to stay and work, or look for work, in the UK at any skill level for a maximum period of two years. Graduates will be able to switch into skilled work once they have found a suitable job. The new route will be launched in the summer of 2021, meaning that any eligible student who graduates in the summer of 2021 or after will be able to apply for the route. This includes students who have already started their courses.

    Universities will also be able attract students starting in the 2020/21 academic year on the basis that they will benefit. Those who graduate and whose Tier 4 leave expires before the route is introduced will not be eligible, however, most of these students will have had no expectation of benefitting from such a route when they applied to study in the UK.

    Admission without IELTS

    In general the English Language requirement as per UKVI is CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Level B2 which is equivalent to a minimum 5.5 overall with 5.5 in each section in IELTS. Majority of the university assess the student English proficiency and waive of IELTS.

    Various Scholarship Programs

    Universities of UK Offers various scholarship programs. Ignited Edu Future guides students to write SOP for applying for a scholarship program. Majority of our students get scholarship. Ignited Edu Future expert team work towards getting the best scholarship for every student. Apply with Ignited Edu Future for a good scholarship.

    Master course with Placement

    Ignited Edu Future’s counselor’s by default advice students to take program with placement. This placement program helps students to show case there talent to the employer and majority of the employer retain the students as permanent employee of there company. Ignited Edu future partner with many universities which offers program with placement. Ignited Edu future has more than 300+ program with placement. The most advantage of the placement program is student study master program one year and placement year is again one year there after they get two more years stay back in UK. By this students can stay in UK for four years. Apply for placement course.

    Part-Time Job opportunities in the UK!

    A tier-4 Visa is issued for full time degree and students are allowed to work 20hrs per week. An opportunity to a minimum pay of GBP 10-12 per hour. Students can manage living expense with the help of part-time job. Ignited Edu Future helps students to find a part-time job. Ask Ignited Edu Future counsellor for more details.

    Top universities to pursue higher education in the UK!

    The individuals have access to the list of globally recognized universities irrespective of undergraduate, postgraduate, or study abroad student.

    • University of Manchester, UK

    • Oxford University, London

    • University of Cambridge

    • Imperial College London

    • University College London

    • Bristol University

    • University of Buckingham

    • University of Nottingham

    • University of Warwick

    • University of Southampton

    • University of Edinburg

    • University of Leicester

    • Royal Holloway University of London

    • King's College London

    • Queen Mary University of London

    • University of Leeds

    • The University of Sheffield

    Are the top globally recognized universities in the UK where students can pursue higher education & we take pride that our students pursue their UK education in the above top universities of the UK, London.

    How to Apply to study in the UK?

    Our counselors analyze the needs of the student and suggest various options with the placements and Scholarships etc. When the document is sent to our counsellors, we will analyze and suggest the individuals with the widest choice with regards to course, university.

    Required documents to study in the UK!

    For the Undergraduate program:

    • Copy of Passport & Visa

    • Academic records

    • Certificate of graduation

    • Reference letters

    • CV

    • Certificate of English proficiency tests- IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Others

    For the Postgraduate program:

    • Certificate of graduation/bachelor’s degree

    • Previous UK Education History!

    • Confirmation of enrollment

    • Previous visa’s (stamped visa & biometric card)

    Degrees from UK higher education providers are respected around the world, and the choice of subjects you can study is extensive. A degree from any British university will look great on a CV, and when looking for work in the future, no matter the industry and the location, having a qualification from the UK will be a great selling point.

    Ignited Edu Future the most trusted UK Study consultants in Chennai!

    Ignited Edu Future has qualified mentors and consultants who specialize in UK education consultants in Chennai. Every student always dreams of getting admission to the best colleges/universities and it confuses the students a lot when they have to choose the right course and universities. To get into the great reputed universities, the students should have enough knowledge and support about the course and colleges/universities and the students can contact Ignited Edu Future to gather the information about it.


    Team Ignited Edu is the best when it comes to guidance in foreign admits. They give best services. They helped me a lot, from the application form to Visa issues, everything you may find difficulty in while aiming for your dream college.

    Jamshed Alam

    A-Z popular courses that are offered by various universities in UK are as follows :

    Accounting and Finance Economics Master of Laws
    Aerospace Engineering Education Studies Marketing
    Agriculture Engineering Mathematics
    Air Transport Management English Literature Media & Communications
    American Studies Fashion Design Medicine
    Animation Film Production Music
    Anthropology Film Studies Nursing
    Architecture Floristry Oil & Gas Engineering
    Architecture & Environmental Design Food Science Oil & Gas Management
    Art Forensic Science Pharmacy
    Biotechnology Geography Physiotherapy
    Business and Management Hospitality and Tourism Politics
    Chemistry Hotel Management Psychology
    Computer Science Human Resource Management Social Work
    Criminology Interior Design Sociology
    Dance International Relations Sports Science
    Dentistry Journalism Supply chain & Logistics
    Design & Craft Liberal Arts TESOL
    Development Studies Linguistics Veterinary Medicine
    Digital Media Bachelor of Laws

    Get assistance from the top Study in UK Consultant in Chennai!

    Ignited Edu Future is the best education consultant in Chennai who helps the students to make the right decisions regarding education in the top universities of the world. We deliver world-class education services to our beloved students and outperform others with our network and connections to the best universities worldwide. With the increasing number of educational institutions and courses, it is a bit tedious for the students to find the best universities for their curriculum and unfortunately, not many students can make the right choice as they lack the knowledge about the boards/universities.

    We at Ignited Edu future help individuals in choosing the country, college, and course according to their preferences and interests. We also have a large database of the best universities and courses, thus providing a wide choice for those who want to pursue their education abroad. The student advisors are very attentive to the needs of the students and assist them in all aspects, from enrolment to travel and accommodation.

    Why choose IEF as your UK study consultants in Chennai?

    We assist students with their educational planning and are a leading education company that advises individual students and their parents about their higher education abroad and career options. We are a pioneer in the field of study abroad counseling in Chennai and have a dedicated team of professionals who provide services ranging from admissions to selecting the best universities, document assistance, travel, accommodation support, pre-departure briefing, and opportunities to excel in their academic achievements.

    Services offered by IEF as a study UK consultant in Chennai!

    • Course guidance

    • Scholarship Assistance

    • Uk Study visa Assistance

    • Assistance in choosing the right course and college.

    • Pre-departure briefing

    • Financial support

    • Support with travel and accommodation

    • Personal mentor throughout the admission process

    Get free consultation for your overseas education in the UK from Top UK Study Consultants in Chennai!

    Ignited Edu Future makes your dream of studying abroad in the UK a reality. The team of advisors and mentors guides each student through every aspect of the admissions process, from college to course selection. We have acted as advisors and personal mentors to many students looking to realize their dream of studying in the UK. We also help arrange travel and accommodation, depending on the student's interests that best fit their budget.

    Through years of experience, Ignited Edu Future's professionals and educational advisors are knowledgeable and aware of students' interests and preferences.

    Complete Study UK Visa Guidance

    UK visa requirements and general immigration criteria are managed by UK Visas and Immigration, which has an easy-to-navigate site to help you determine whether you need a UK student visa. While Swiss nationals and those from the EU/EEA states do not currently need a visa to study in the UK, all other international students are likely to need one.

    You can apply for the visa up to three months in advance of the start date of your course. UK student visas are awarded on a points-based system. In order to meet all the UK student visa requirements, you’ll need to provide: If you are looking for Best study uk visa consultant who can guide you throughout the visa process then call us.


    Is the UK a better place to work?

    Yes. The UK is popular as a highly developed market-oriented economy, which in turn results in a wide range of possibilities for students to work after graduation.

    What are the PG courses available?

    The PG courses available are Masters and Research program & MBA.

    What is the cost of applying to university?

    The cost varies depending on the course. For example; For foundation courses, the tution fee is £4,000 to £12,000 per year, for a science course, the tution fee is £7,500 to £25,000 per year, etc.

    Are there any UK scholarships available to Indian students?

    Yes. The scholarships are “Rhodes Scholarships”, “Chevening Scholarships for Indian and International Students”, “Erasmus Mundus”, and much more.

    How much is the cost of higher education in the UK?

    The cost of tuition fees varies significantly for public and private universities depending on the length of your course and the type of discipline.

    Our Students Studies in top universities of UK

    Complete Assistance to get admission in top universities