How To Prepare for Studying Abroad: A Guide To Getting Ready For Your Adventure

Studying abroad is a dream for many students. However, it is not just getting admission to your desired college or university and going. In fact, you have to prepare certain things before going to study abroad.
Being one of the top overseas education consultants in Chennai, we are well-versed in all things you need to prepare before going to study abroad.

How To Prepare for Studying Abroad: A Guide To Getting Ready For Your Adventure

Here are some of the things that you should prepare before getting ready for studying abroad.

1. Apply for Visa and Passport
If you want to study abroad, then a valid passport is a must-have thing. If you have the passport already, then double-check it to confirm it’s not expired. Additionally, ensure that your passport has blank pages.
When it comes to the passport for newbies, then US citizens can apply directly for a new passport at a specific post office, state department passport agency, or state/federal courts of records.
Getting a passport can take 6 to 12 months. Thus, ensure that you have applied for the passport at the correct time.
If you are getting the passport for the first time, then you need to bring the below-mentioned things:
• Passport application
• Birth certificate
• Recent passport-sized photos
• Payment
• Certified identification
• A form of payment

2. Travel Insurance
When it comes to going abroad for studies, it is necessary to have a health and accident insurance policy. Along with this, you must also have coverage for emergency evacuation and repatriation.
There are several things that travel insurance will cover but health insurance won’t. It includes:
• Lost luggage
• Stolen personal things
• Delayed or canceled flight
• Evacuation in the case of a natural disaster/health emergency

3. Have a deep understanding of the local customs of your destination
Before going abroad for studies, get yourself familiarized with the host nation. You must have a clear idea of the country’s culture, economy, government, history, geography, and much more. This will enhance your immersion.

4. Consultation with the doctor
Consulting your doctor and having a physical check to ensure good health before going abroad would be a good decision. You can take the medical records in case of emergency situations.
Additionally, it is vital to know the immunization requirements of the host country and become immunized before departure.

5. Enhance your language skills
When you’re planning to study abroad, it would be good if you learn basic or survival phrases of the country’s language. This will help you communicate with the fellow students.
Moreover, learning basic phrases will aid you in navigating day-to-day situations. It includes asking for directions or ordering food. Learning basic phrases will also help you feel confident, as well as comfortable in your surroundings.

6. Look for a budget-friendly plane ticket
Nowadays, getting budget-friendly flight tickets is all about timing and luck. Ticket fares vary based on the place where you’re buying the ticket and when you want to go.

Final Thoughts
We hope now you all are clear with what to do before moving on abroad for your studies. If you have any doubts or need clarification on this, feel free to reach our team.
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April 6, 2023