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    Why Overseas Education?

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    Why should one study in Overseas Universities

    Overseas Education is becoming very popular, and students are going abroad to pursue higher studies. The few advantages of studying at overseas Universities are

    • To gain a global perspective and explore different horizons, the students can experience the various cultures in the world.
    • Good Technical Knowledge with Better Packages
    • Students can build their social network profiles.
    • Improves social and communication skills
    • To gain knowledge of new technology
    • Become a global citizen

    How to choose the best overseas education consultant in Chennai?

    The Best overseas education consultant in Chennai turns every student's dreams into reality to pursue education overseas. They guide you in all aspects, right from choosing the course to the university that fits your interests and preferences. Also, they assist you in career counseling, the admission process, the VISA process, financial assistance, scholarship assistance, and obtaining loans in financial institutions. Ignited Edu Future has been in the field of overseas education consultants for many years, and they helped many students in every aspect of the admission process.

    Why should one choose Ignited Edu Future as your overseas education consultant in Chennai?

    Ignited Edu Future is the Best Overseas education consultant in Chennai who assists in providing high-quality overseas education and professional educational advice to our beloved students, and parents looking to pursue their education abroad. We provide overseas education assistance in countries like the UK, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. We Ignited Edu Future takes stringent measures to place our beloved students in the right universities and courses based on their wishes and preferences.

    We have been serving our clients for more than a decade. Our dedicated staff of recruitment professionals work closely with fellow students to choose the right career academics.

    What do our Overseas Education consultants in Chennai do?

    Our Overseas education consultants in Ignited Edu Future provide end-to-end visa assistance and counseling to decide on their country for overseas education. The process is listed below:

    Team Ignited Edu is the best when it comes to guidance in foreign admits. They give best services. They helped me a lot, from the application form to Visa issues, everything you may find difficulty in while aiming for your dream college.

    Jamshed Alam

    Provides a clear roadmap for your overseas education:

    Analyzing the individual profile clearly and understanding the pulse of the current market scenario, Ignited Edu Future helps you to choose the right career.

    Choosing the right course and the country:

    We provide one-to-one counseling in choosing the right course based on the student's interests and provide personal guidance in choosing the best university based on the student's profile.

    Unbiased advice by our professionals and experts:

    We provide unbiased advice to our fellow students and have an in-house well-equipped library containing prospectus, CDs, and videos of the colleges performing good brochures/flyers of all the universities/colleges.

    Complete assistance in filling up the error-free application:

    We provide complete assistance in filling up the error-free application and various information about the scholarships provided by the universities.

    Assistance for student education loans:

    Ignited Edu future has been tying up with many financial institutions that offer education loans for students at attractive interest rates.

    Guidance for scholarships:

    We provide complete information about various scholarships offered by the different universities.

    Visa counseling and accommodation arrangements:

    Our professionals are experts in Visa counseling and assistance, from filling up the application forms, conducting mock interview sessions, and accommodation arrangements for our fellow students.

    Top courses to study abroad and how overseas education consultant in chennai can help them to get admission:

    There are various top courses which you can study abroad in top universities. Overseas Education consultants in Chennai have years of experience to make your admission process hassle-free. Some of the top courses are

    • MBA (Business & management studies)
    • Music
    • Biology
    • Psychology
    • Computer science
    • Civil engineering
    • Visual art
    • Architecture
    • International Finance
    • Project management
    • Economics
    • Electronic engineering
    • Law
    • Digital marketing
    • Aerospace engineering
    • Data analytics

    Documents required for Overseas Education?

    All the documents that are required to apply to a university abroad which include:

    • Application form - Which includes all your personal & professional details of the particular student
    • Statement of purpose
    • Letter of recommendations
    • Curriculum vitae or Resume
    • Competitive Exam/Test scores
    • Transcripts
    • Passport size photographs
    • Certificates
    • Experience documents & any other supporting documents
    • Travel documents.
    • Financial documents if any
    • Health certificates


    Overseas education consultants in chennai provide several services. It includes career counselling, guidance in choosing a country, course, & college/university, admissions, documentation, educational loans & scholarships, student visa, mock visa interviews, and more.

    Overseas education consultants in Chennai provide professional guidance in submitting university applications for higher education.

    The UK, the USA, Canada, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

    Yes, of course, you can work while studying abroad. Students can work 20hrs/week during the course and 40hrs/week during the holiday.

    Yes. Studying overseas is worthwhile as it has several benefits. It includes exploring the world, the opportunity to experience diverse education styles, improving language skills, increased career opportunities, etc.

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