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Study Abroad Consultants in Chennai

Ignited Edu Future (IEF) is an Education Consultant for those who wants to study abroad. IEF provides high quality & professional educational advice to all the people who aspire to become extraordinarily successful in their careers. It offers end to end solution for study abroad in USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland & Canada. IEF’s Ethical standard of practice and unique approach in education & Consulting gives a marvellous start to the career and a boost in the confidence of a student. Their vision is to make global Education easily accessible to every child in our nation.

IEF understands that education plays an essential role in one’s career and they make strenuous efforts to ensure students are placed in the right course & University based on their needs and come out as professionals who are ready to win the world!

Admission Consulting/ Career Counselling

If you are looking for a hustle free and smooth process with complete guidance regarding your career and looking for opportunities in Abroad, then you are on the right page. Ignited Edu Future will assist you throughout the journey. Having experienced admission counsellors, IEF is here to help the students in making their decision. From selection of college or university, selection of courses, preparing you for an error free application, education loan, scholarships, your accommodation and visa counselling, we provide every kind of help that a student needs while making a such big career decision of his/her life.

IEF is authentic as an organization with the understanding of the importance about choosing a career path that would require an abroad educational qualification. They understand that it is not always an individual decision, it is a family decision and they take it as our priority to provide you the best counselling.

With their experience as a consulting organization across different countries, IEF knows how to communicate with the right students in the right way. The team understands and values insights required to comprehend international education sector and keeps abreast on latest regulations/rules in the foreign educational sector. This ensures an applicant is accurately recommended on current insights in the foreign educational sector helping them make informed educational choices.

Choosing the country

Choosing the right country and the most suited university is one of the most important factors in your endeavour when you are planning to go abroad for your studies. IEF’s trained counsellors would help you to shortlist both the country and the university to suit your career goals. They also provide a structure regarding the budgeting or your expenses. Many people want to do part time job as well to help themselves with the finances, and IEF also give brief information about part time work and if the college or university allows it and what are the working hours, so that you have all the information before hand and you need not to worry!

College Counselling

Setting an objective is one thing, moving ahead on that path takes a lot of emotional as well as statistical thinking. Ignited Edu Future helps and counsel the students to take up best of the universities as per their comfort and requirements. They will provide you a list of best universities/colleges according to which country a student wants to go and we also provide all the admission criteria with statistical figures for each university so that it would become easier to choose.

Wide range of programs

The students can choose the courses according to their career objectives, there are no constraints in choosing topics. But if any confusion arises, IEF counsellors are there to guide you. A student doesn’t have to go site to site in search of courses that are being provided by the universities. We have made that easier for you by listing out all the courses that are provided by any college or university of your choice.

Application Review

Admission for an abroad university that a student aspires to get into is only possible if an application form is submitted to the particular university or college on time. IEF’s advisors are well trained in filling the application forms without any error and posting it on time to reach the universities after completing all the formalities.

Team Ignited Edu is the best when it comes to guidance in foreign admits. They give best services. They helped me a lot, from the application form to Visa issues, everything you may find difficulty in while aiming for your dream college.

Jamshed Alam

Student’s immigration assistance

As an international student or foreign national, you will generally need a visa to enter any other country for any length of time. After completing the application requirements of your chosen university, now the most significant step is your visa processing. Visa requirements are different for each country and the process is complicated and drawn out. Our counsellors will help you at every stage of getting your visa processed. From filing up the application form to getting the accompanying documents ready, the counsellors of Study Abroad Consultants are experts in making their job perfect. They also conduct mock visa interview sessions to improve your confidence levels.

Preparation for any required tests

IEF promises to serve to counsel students the best way they can but it does not just end there. Apart from choosing a right university and choosing the suitable courses, they also provide assistance for classroom training for English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Language Test and tests like GMAT. IEF’s coaching is comprehensive and result-oriented. They offer personalized attention to students who opt for coaching. The course timings are flexible and are backed by well-researched material and high-quality instruction by experts. Also, they provide you all the deadlines for these exams so that you don’t miss out this important step.